We provide a comprehensive set of web application design and development services to help you to modernise and grow your business. We work closely with you to pinpoint your business needs – and in turn deliver an intuitive, highly functional solution that supports your business goals and objectives.

With an experienced design and engineering team, we have the adaptability to harness a range of technologies – leveraging the most relevant programming languages and software frameworks to meet your needs – and delivering a dynamic, modern solution for your business.

Our tech stack includes PHP, Laravel, Vue.js, Alpha Iris, AWS and Jenkins.

Business Process Automation

By understanding your business, we can help you to implement solutions that will modernise your process and help speed up and streamline your approach to a number of everyday tasks.

Process automation has allowed us to help our clients in a wide number of ways:

  • Create a secure, adaptable and scalable user management system
  • Automate staff payruns via the web application
  • Enable rapid dissemination of information to hundreds or even thousands of users
  • Develop online training programs for delivery via the web application

Bespoke Web Based Software

By choosing a bespoke web application, you can have confidence that your software is secure, scalable and flexible. This means that the application can be adapted to your business needs, and that it can grow and be adapted as your business needs expand, giving your business an advantage and a competitive edge.

Our bespoke software service is particularly useful when you need something that is unique to your business. Unlike ‘off the shelf’ software or web solutions where you may find customisation is very limited, a bespoke solution means there is a level of custom written code and functionality that can be highly specific to your needs. You can work with our developers to solve a particular problem in your business and be confident the solution meets your specific requirements.

Scaleable & Adaptable

By working in partnership with our clients, Arris is able to deliver long-term, scaleable solutions. We can continue to build upon your software, enhancing the functionality and increasing the range of tasks that are available to your business and users.

Many of our clients have found that as they become aware of what is possible, they find new and innovative ways in which their bespoke solution can further enhance their business processes. By working with us to adapt and scale their applications, our clients digital solutions continue to evolve, thereby improving productivity and business capacity.

UX & UI Design

Whether it is a new website project or the redevelopment of your existing website, our team of talented young professionals will work closely with you to develop your online presence. We evaluate your needs, goals and target audience, integrating all aspects of projects from early concept development through, design, project management and ongoing maintenance.

We specialise in design and development of web-based systems tailored to our clients’ specific needs whether it be a simple one page site, small business website, full e-commerce solution, or a custom built web-based database application. No matter what your requirements, we can create something to suit you.