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The Keys2Drive program provides learner drivers and their parent/supervisor with a free lesson from an accredited, professional driving instructor.

The web portal serves as an administrative and eLearning hub to support Learner Drivers, Driving Instructors, Coaches and the Keys2drive Administrative Team.


Organisation Name: Keys2drive
Date: Since March 2017

Keys2drive is a revolutionary approach to learning road safety – delivering a free driving lesson for the learner driver, driving instructor and parent/supervisor to learn together.

The Keys2drive Program

For learners, the website provides free lesson codes and also provides content to improve the learner’s/supervisor’s experience and assist with finding a local instructor.

For instructors, the website is a secure portal that allows them to manage their instructor listing, verify lessons and receive payment, complete online training and maintain their program accreditation.

For program administrators, the system enables instructor onboarding, provides a means to conduct pay runs for instructors, and facilitates registrations and auditing of learners and instructors. Additionally, the website provides in-depth reporting functionality.

Project Objectives

Working with the Keys2drive team, the project goal was to improve administrative capabilities and usability for all stakeholders. Extensive and ongoing scaling was mapped out to touch all areas of the web application  – from running key reports and people management tasks, to improving the learner experience, to the administration and support of Instructors and Coaches.

The secondary purpose was to expand the site to include an eLearning platform in order to educate and manage Instructors’ accreditations.

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“I love it! It’s streamlined administration so much. Everyone, from students to instructors, has told us how much easier it is to use.”


Sioban O'Halloran

Operations & Compliance Manager, Keys2drive

Managing the Change Process

The functionality and content of the existing site needed to be retained, with improvements and changes to build upon that.

To ensure a seamless transition between the previous system and the new systems, development of the new system was hosted in‐house on a development server, with user testing by stakeholders prior to launch.

Specifications and requirements were gathered to ensure a complete understanding of the project deliverables. Detailed documentation of instructor and administration dashboards, user processes and user actions were then prepared to ensure the scope and capacity of the project was complete.

Creating A Custom Solution

Once the requirements were confirmed, the project then proceeded to the development phase. Throughout the development process, we worked closely with the client to get user input and testing at every stage. This close interaction with the client continues to be a key component in the ongoing success of this project.

The final system needed to be able to facilitate learner driver signups, instructor onboarding, provide people management and pay run tools to the admin team, and provide an eLearning portal for instructor training and accreditation.

In order to achieve this, the Arris team developed a bespoke web system over the Laravel framework. This choice of system ensured a scalable, modular and robust platform that delivered custom functionality and has continued to evolve and scale since it’s inception in 2018.

The Results

The final web application we delivered is a scalable and evovling system that continues to be iterated upon to respond to the growing and changing needs of the organisation. 

The site benefits a broad range of users – from learners to instructors to the admin team – right across Australia.

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