SA Country Women’s Association

Illustration of a woman giving someone a heart.

Project: Pay It Forward


 The South Australian Country Womens’ Association approached Arris seeking a way for members to purchase ‘Pay it Forward’ items for people in need. The project required us to extend the existing online shop to allow users to purchase products which in turn would be ‘paid forward’, benefiting a number of not for profit organisations.

Our Process

In consultation with the client, the Arris team mapped out a user journey when making a ‘pay it forward’ purchase. This included consideration of how such a process might impact upon existing shop functions, and how to manage multiple purchases across regular merchandise and ‘pay it forward’ products.

Once the requirements had been determined, Arris then worked on implementing the functionality required, getting client feedback at each stage to ensure that the site actions worked as expected.


On completion of the project, the SACWA site was able to create a ‘Pay It Forward’ campaign, encouraging users to purchase items for distribution to those in need in the wider community. This included being able to purchase regular merchandise alongside the ‘Pay It Forward’ items, making the site more usable and responsive to shoppers needs.

Woman pointing at laptop displaying the SACWA website.
Woman pointing at laptop displaying the SACWA website.