Fight Food Waste CRC

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Project: It’s Easy As 


The Fight Food Waste CRC approached Arris to assist in the development of a micro site content portal. The goals was a site that would receive traffic from a social media campaign intended to drive consumer engagement and raise awareness of food wastage.

Our Process

Working with the marketing team at Fight Food Waste, Arris developed several wire frames to clarify content requirements and layout, before progressing to a draft design and carrying out any necessary revisions.

Once the client had finalised content and signed off the design, the Arris team then proceeded to the development phase, working on a lightweight design that would be mobile responsive and fast loading across a range of devices.


We created a light weight page, with quick loading for mobile viewing when visitors arrive from social media platforms, such as Instagram. The site had an engaging and visually effective design that extended the look and feel of the social media campaign.

Arris was able to deliver the project within a tight timeline to ensure it was ready for the social media campaign launch.

Fight Food Waste Easy As microsite laptop and mobile view
Fight Food Waste Easy As microsite laptop view
Fight Food Waste Easy As microsite laptop view